Tuesday, 22 May 2012


 The under-listed are certain features or attributes considered necessary of a developed policy which includes :- Structural differentiation and Specificity of functions, widespread citizen participation in the political process , and an enhanced adaptive capacity of leadership excellence and the most unbiased ethnocentric pride of the entire system. 
Richard Rose contends that " political systems are  part and parcel of particular social systems "  and Arthur Klinghoffer holds that " although the move to modernize is universal, cultural uniqueness is not obliterate, whatever happens is integrally related to the existing local context " 
Dudley argues that :- political order (must be seen )as a condition where there is ' congruence ' between the constitutive and regulative rules of the system such that changes within the action -set,either in terms of the realignment of forces in the set or in its configuration can be made to follow from and conform with the regulative rules of the system .
Congruence is much more likely to be achieved where the rules have been autonomously evolved and unlikely where they have not "  
J.S.Coleman therefore summarized that :- " the political development process ( should ) be seen as an interminable contrapuntal interplay among the processes of differentiation,the imperatives of equality and the integrative adaptive capacity of a political system.